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  1. I am so excited to find people like me! Thank you for the stories that are like me, they help to encourage me to know I am not alone.

  2. It has been over a year since my last chemo. I’m told by a dermatologist that my hair lose is permanent. I have some hair similar to male balding pattern, bald on the back, receding and very thin. Hair is different Color and no longer curly. Dermatologist gave me a prescription for rogaine an aldactone. Has anyone had any experience with these treatments for hair regrowth?

  3. I was perscribed the heaviest dose of rogaine and used it for a full year. It did not produce signifigant enough results to keep using it. I have tried all kinds of supplements and oils. Nothing works. I am grossly thinned on top and the texture on sides has drastically changed. No eyebrows and morbidly thinned eyelashes. It has been three years for me.

  4. It has been three years since my last chemo treatment. My hair has not grown back. Well, I do have frizzy fly away strands of something that wants to be hair. Basically I have male pattern baldness. I was hoping as time went on I would learn to ldeal with this. Oddly, with each passing year without hair I struggle more and more to see myself as a real woman.
    I’ve decided to join a class action suit against the drug company that makes taxotere. At least I feel slightly less like a victim.

  5. My mom had this type of chemo, and her course, thick, salt and pepper hair never grew back on top. On the sides and back it, it is thin and fine. I think she is still beautiful, but she struggles with her self image now. I remember her crying on the way to her mastectomy over losing her breast. I know she never imagined that she would permanently lose her hair too. That along with the lymphodema and swelling in her arm makes her feel bad. She thinks people look at her funny now. If this medicine was the only choice, we would all much rather have her alive with these battle scars, but if there were an alternative that did not end her death and permanent hair loss, it would have been great to know about it. It actually would have been great for her just to have known, so she would not have waited so patiently for her hair to grow back all of this time, to just find out that it never will.

  6. Judy,

    I have looked and can’t find any class action lawsuit for Taxotere. Where should I look? I was treated with Taxotere in 2014 at age 40 and have had permanent baldness, no eyebrows and hardly any eyelashes. I don’t think I will ever get over this. My full head of curly hair was my identity and now that is a distant memory.

  7. Chrissy,
    The law firm I work for, Atkins and Markoff, is representing hundreds of women across the nation who are suffering from permanent hair loss from Taxotere. Our attorneys would be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you might have. You can reach an attorney via email at, call us 1-800-442-0607 or contact us via the Live Chat feature on our website at Best of luck to you, Chrissy!

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